Excellence in Recruiter Transformation

Top Recruiters are loving the market today. 
Huge demand for direct recruiting. 
Candidate Pool is Smaller But, over 75% of passive candidates 
are ready to change positions and employers after years of stagnation

Hey! It’s Coming! Are You Ready?

Powerful Recruiting Secrets of Marketing, Recruiting & Closing

(as practiced by the very best consultants in 2016)

 The biggest reality about Recruiting in 2016 is that much of what once worked well, does not in 2016.

Top Recruiters always stay ahead of change and adapt successfully. We share their secrets, techniques, practices and scripts!

ON MAY 17th, 18th &19th 1PM ET / 10AM PT

(huddle around a monitor as a team)

Real World Best Practices

Save up to  $100!

Session 1 on May 17th

Earning the Best Searches

You will gain:

·        Cooperative Clients who act with Urgency

·        Full Fees/ + $ Up Front!

·       Access to Key People

·       Partnerships with Key Decision-makers and HR

·       How to control your process for a triple win!

Session 2 on May 18th

Seizing Top Candidates

Discover how to Master:

·        Penetrating Source Companies

·        Delivering an exciting vision

·        Establish Influence with all candidates

·        Getting inside a candidate’s value system to gain “YES”

Session 3 on May 19th

Closing Every Deal

·        Discover how to fill every search

·       Gain Influence to Get a “YES”

·       Overcoming deal killer objections

These sessions will be presented and recorded LIVE, by recruiting industry Top Producer, Doug Beabout

·        Detailed session outlines sent in advance of live classes, 

·        Access to session replays for all enrolled recruiters/researchers,

·        Also, available in HQ DVD format with session outlines  (Priority Shipping)     

·        JOIN US APRIL17th, 18th & 19th at 1:00PM ET