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Art of the Recruiting Masters eCourse:

The first comprehensive eCourse for all recruiters worldwide


Participants receive:


 A comprehensive ten-module eCourse focusing on the practices, techniques and secrets of top recruiting masters including:

Interactive classes detailing every step in this coveted recruiting process.


Module Descriptions:

Recruiter training course allowing participants to learn in their own environment at their pace & schedule

  1. Learn and Apply each session interactively
  2. Detailed study guides and quizzes
  3. Streaming Online replays ANYTIME! of each class 

Module 1: Where it all begins: Initial Marketing Moves, Niche Selection and development

Module 2: Big Biller Marketing & Selling Search

Module 3: Top Search Definition and Evaluation

Module 4: The Art of Surgical Recruiting and Sourcing

Module 5: Secrets of Candidate Control and Evaluation

Module 6: Candidate Validation and Client Marketing

Module 7: Preparation Techniques that Create Offers

Module 8: High Value Placement Process Management

Module 9: The Art of Closing as a Master Recruiter

Module 10: Ensuring the Outcome & Exploiting After Effects


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The 2017 Recruiting Mastery eCourse

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