It does not get much better than this! I am hearing this from recruiters from coast to coast. Clients are hiring but struggling to find talent, Candidates are overdue for career changes and we certainly want to make more money!

The other common comment is,”Everything has changed, what I used to do just does not work very well now.” From my observations of recent, the frustrations of this recovery are equal to or greater than, its potential for most recruiters. The experienced recruiter is in no way inoculated by their past efforts or success in this new recruiting landscape. Successful and surviving recruiters are adapting to the drastic changes we all face. One, a return to fundamentals and Two, wise application of technology to shore up hands on recruiting not a replacement for it!

Now, the boring history thing: From the early eighties and until the spring of 2001, recruiters made money (sometimes a lot, sometimes just a living) in a garden variety of ways. Every new technology tool that came along spawned a new twist to recruiting. In a forgiving environment, much of these variations on recruiting and candidate referral produced results. From mid 2010 we have enjoyed a period of recovery. Sadly, the lights went out for a bunch of recruiters. The industry was decimated. Some estimates of attrition run as high as 70% of recruiters in place a year ago, have left. My opinion and observation is that about 75% are now out of recruiting.

Those who have remained or have entered our industry anew fall into two groups.

First, the value-added, relationship focused high-end recruiter who creates wealth by the mastering of the “process” and the unwavering application of proven search and candidate quality criteria.

Second, you have the electronic resume flooders who leap from job order to job order and with a bit of good fortune and the collision of effort and need, they make money. The others who existed in the middle of these two factions have been replaced by hiring companies who spent much of their “downtime” during the recession, collecting a massive database of potential contacts and future candidates. They also invested heavily in the techno-sexy tools of name generation and database manipulation.

Frankly, I say; “more power to them!” Why shouldn’t a company do as much as possible to locate and hire as many of their employees as possible. I consistently encourage my clients to exhaust their own system before they engage my services as a recruiter of the first faction. Although I am saddened by the imminent attrition of recruiters who stubbornly remain solely entrenched in practices, like “E-cruiting” and candidate database marketing, their tea leaves do not look promising.

My position on which is the “smart” choice is a melding of both and their respective advantages. To choose a technology focused versus relation building process is not only unnecessary but ill-advised when serving a well educated and savvy client base. Taking the advantages of technology for research and sourcing and combining this power with skilled client relationship building to provide a platform for service and trust bonding is our mandate in 2008 and the years to come.

The dilemma many recruiters face today is that they are not well trained in the detailed service focused “process” that is the foundation to commanding full fees. This lack of education in time-tested techniques and practices leave them feeling inadequate to the point where saying “No, I cannot accept this search because…..” is beyond them. They cave in on the criteria, they compromise their service and its fundamental process and in the end, everybody usually loses. No one intends to create this inevitable result. They simply lack training in the high end recruiting services processes in demand by this very selective hiring decision maker of this hot and recovering market where the desirable candidates are rare.

Acquiring comprehensive training, not just a great session at a conference, but in a continuing source of education is the best and most expedient path to success in this rich but unforgiving recruiting landscape. Now you have access the training you require to reach the top of the recruiting industry (Not by self-assembling conference sessions or an uncoordinated set of CDs or books.)

I re-created a revolutionary and leading edge recruiter-training program, 2015 Art of the Recruiting Masters. This online, live course runs for 10 consecutive weeks. There has never been a training program with the rich content and practical techniques available now in the Art of the Recruiting Masters. 

P.S. No worries! If you missed a class, they are all recorded live, then posted for your review at your convenience!

P.S.S. If you want more control and virtual access, we recommend the on-demand option. Call us at 850-660.6292 for details.

Get the training you need to know how to create wealth, when to say YES and when to walk-away. It will be an intense training experience sans the fluff. You will receive real world training from a recruiting practitioner. This recruiter is racing up the recruiter wealth ladder in 2016 and beyond. I hope to see you there. The view up here is great!

“There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach.”  Mark Twain

“Training without coaching is entertainment.”  (Wise, but unknown author)