What makes this course different than all the other training I can take?

This course is a totally comprehensive and interactive program defining the recruiting process from establishing a niche specialization through every step  and finally culminating in the post-closure follow-up. The curriculum exposes the secrets of how top billing recruiters master this process and generate great wealth. Unlike a snapshot session, webinar or training item, this course covers it all at the high end of the recruiting arts and practices.  Top producers and top earning recruiting businesses  maintain high and consistent practices taught in this unique eCourse.

Is this a course for veteran recruiters or someone just starting out?

This course is carefully designed to deliver the most effective training regardless of experience level.  Rookies will create a solid foundation and carry away from this course the tactics and techniques crafted over many years by top billing recruiters. Veterans are among my greatest advocates and most of the experienced participants learn more than they expected while reinforcing and "shoring up" what they do.

What do I need to take the course?

All that you will need, beyond a burning desire for wealth, is a PC or laptop, Internet access and two hours a week, one hour for the module presentation and Q&A, and another hour for study of the module learning guide.

How do I get the best this course can offer?

Recruiters, like most people, tend to hold fast to what has made them money and paid the bills.  This course will challenge many of the common practices in our industry and replace them with the inside perspectives and practices of big billers. The best way to gain the most from this course is to take it with an open mind. You will be able to apply the common-sense practical techniques you learn the next morning, each week. By the end of the course, you will have a big biller tool set and practical experience using it.

What happens if I cannot attend a weekly class?

No problem, the class modules will be available, in streaming format, for student replay during that week, at whatever time you want to see it. Unexpected events, candidate interviews, client demands and personal emergencies are a fact of life so we have made modules available on demand.

How can I ask questions?

First ,there will be an opportunity for live questions during the scheduled class module presentations, Second, there will be a one hour online chatroom, weekly on Thursday evenings, for all participants hosted live by Doug Beabout who will respond to all course related questions.

How can I get one-on-one time to discuss the course with Doug?

For an additional fee, Doug will be available for one-on-one telephone-based discussion in one hour increments. The time will be calculated in real time for an accumulated hour during the 10 week duration of the course. The first five paid participants will receive this advantageous benefit as a free bonus!

How can I try this out before I commit to paying tuition?

No problem at all!  Just take the free, no-commitment introductory eCourse Module by clicking here:  Free Introductory Ecourse Module

How do I enroll in the Art of Recruiting Masters eCourse and pay my tuition?

It is easy! Once you pay your tuition fee, you are automatically enrolled and you will start receiving information on dates and times for each module. You will receive confirmation of your tuition payment and enrollment immediately.  The module webinar addresses and passcodes, teleconference phone numbers and any added information you'll need will be sent directly to your email address.


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