People have asked me, "Why create this course? and why do it now?"

I have the privilege to speak with recruiters and owners around this country and the world.  Many of these folks both veterans and rookies, tell me of their challenges with this new and very different marketplace.  I hear their frustrations but also their dedication to service and success.  There is no doubt that many of the techniques that served us even a few years ago, just are not cutting it today.  Makes sense to me, the players and rules have changed dramatically.

Over the course of my last twenty years in the recruiting industry I have served as both a practitioner and trainer.  The latter role has given me the opportunity to train (and re-train) hundreds of recruiters and owner/managers.  The vast majority have had great success applying the process and techniques taught to them by me.  My "desk" has evolved with the circumstances I face in the market, this course is on the leading edge of that critical evolution.

The major motivation I have to offer this course, at this time and in this manner, is to expose this successful practice and process to a much larger number of my fellow recruiters.  The availability now of webinar venues and teleconferencing worldwide allows me to offer the same training I delivered in the past to hundreds; to many folks across the U.S. and worldwide. 

"Training without coaching is entertainment"   This very wise adage tells every reason why those I have trained have succeeded. This is why I designed this training program with ample opportunity for participants to be interactive with me and apply what they learn the next morning.  This is not the typical training experience limited to listening, walking away and figuring out how it works for you.

I sincerely hope that you and your peers and colleagues avail yourselves of this opportunity to learn what works best today in our great recruiting marketplace and jump start your journey to wealth creation.

Fond regards,

Doug Beabout CPC CSP